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Barcelona 2018
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Workshop and General Asembly, Barcelona 2018
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WELCOME by the President

Teresa Amat - President
Teresa Amat - President

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 8th European Friendship Week (EFW) 2018

Sunday July 22nd – Saturday July 28th 2018

Barcelona gave place to the EURO-CIU Workshop and Annual General Assembly on 6-7 April. More then 65 delegates came from sixteen countries to work on 4 major topics during the workshop then to make conlusions and action plan. The above group photo made about the delegates. 

3 March 2018: World Hearing Day

On World Hearing Day 2018, WHO will draw attention towards the anticipated rise in the number of people with hearing loss across the world with the theme “Hear the future”. 

The key messages for this event will highlight the: 

Expected rise in prevalence of hearing loss globally over the coming years (based on statistical projections);
Efforts that are required to stem the rise through appropriate preventive action;
Need to ensure that people with hearing loss have access to the required rehabilitation services and the communication tools and products they require.

 “Cochlear Implant: No Limits” slogan for 2018 International Cochlear Implant Day

Simone Botha, a cochlear implant user since she was 22 months old, is a professional dancer who was chosen to advertise a brand of gyms around the world. Several months ago, the gym advertising agency edited her cochlear implant, showing society still has a lot to learn about being inclusive and eliminate stigmas.

EURO-CIU joins the "Manifesto on Hearing Loss and Disability" 

In Europe, 10% of the total population (52 million people) self-report to experience hearing loss, 73% consult a medical professional, but only 50% are referred to hearing care professionals. 

Accessibility Act: European Parliament pass the draft “European Accessibility Act” with several improvements 

​Activity report on World Hearing Day 2017, 3 March

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Towards the adoption of the European Accessibility Act

Open Disability Intergroup event

When:  22 May 2018 from 10:00 to 12:00 
Where: European Parliament, Brussels, PHS building, room P1A002

International Sign Language interpretation and inductive loop provided.

Bootleg Beatles Special Charity Concert in Nottingham
on Thursday 24 May 2018. 

The 4th International Conference on Family Centred Early Intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Location : Bad Ischl, Austria, June 13-16, 2018.

Contact : fcei@bblinz.at

International symposium on Usher syndrome.

JGU Mainz Campus “Alte Mensa” Mainz, Germany. July 19-20, 2018

Usher syndrome family Conference.

JGU Mainz Campus “Alte Mensa” Mainz, Germany. July 21,  2018.

Contact: ush2018@usher-syndrome.org

The 2nd Music & Cochlear Implants Symposium

Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (Canada). August 20-21, 2018

Nordic Conference - NCFIE2018
Children with hearing loss - Participation in real.
Conference Center Wallenberg, Gothenburg, October 1-2, 2018.

Official language: Swedish.
Organizer: Barnplantorna