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8th European Friendship Week (EFW) 2018

Foto: European Friendship Week (EFW) 2017
Foto: European Friendship Week (EFW) 2017

Sunday July 22nd – Saturday July 28th 2018

The Ear Foundation in association with The European Association of Cochlear Implant Users is delighted to be sending you information about this summer’s 8th European Residential Event in the UK for teenagers with cochlear implants.

We welcome country delegations from all members of EURO-CIU.  Teams of teenagers come together in groups of 4-6 led by 1 or 2 country leaders.  Once they arrive they experience a 6-day event which focusses upon learning, sharing and lots of fun.  A social learning curriculum is covered through a combination of group discussions and focussed sessions which are embedded into a busy timetable of activities both on and off site.  These include sport, arts (e.g. dance / craft / music) and British trips out.

The week is designed to be full and active with opportunities for the teenagers to practise the many skills which are needed to fulfil their potential.  If you would like further information about the 2018 event, please contact Rachel@earfoundation.org.uk or telephone +44 115 942 1985.  If you have any questions about leading a group, please contact clare@earfoundation.org.uk who will be delighted to answer your questions as overall leader of the week.

Teresa Amat, EURO-CIU President:
I am really happy to see the evolution of the Cochlear Implant Teens during the European Friendship Week.  It is my firm belief, EFW is helpful and more than just a “summer camp”.  It is an experience that changes our teens lives, showing them cultures beyond their countries and realities, but at the same time it allows them, thanks to this new technology age, to have friends from all over Europe that last for years.  EFW helps to empower and mature our youth.

I would like to ask all of you to spread the message to encourage new participants, new countries, new leaders (adult cochlear implant users, professionals, speech therapists, family etc) to become involved in this amazing adventure.

Mel Gregory, The Ear Foundation, CEO:
At The Ear Foundation we are proud to be seeing so many teenagers with cochlear implants benefiting from attending the European Friendship Week over the last 7 years.  I have personally visited the event and seen how it transforms lives and gives them a strong and positive self-identity having a sense of being part of a larger European community valuing its diversity and similarities.  The stories the teenagers tell are truly wonderful and inspiring about making lifelong friendships, growing in confidence, feeling really good about themselves and developing leadership skills.

Please look at the 2017 EFW film the teenagers and leaders made last year.  You are welcome to put this on your own country websites or transfer this film to your own YouTube accounts so that it can be subtitled into other languages.  If your country attended EFW 2017 and you would like some film clips of your own leaders or young people inserted, please contact The Ear Foundation with these film clips and we can create a specific film for your country including these.