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About us

EURO-CIU is a non-governmental and non-profit association which was established in Luxembourg in 1995. The association consists of 33 national member associations from 25 European countries.

Altogether the EURO-CIU represents almost 150.000 cochlear implant (CI) users across Europe, approximately 60% of whom are adults and 40% children.

In the Association’s recent surveys of members 95% of cochlear implant users state that the implant has improved both their and their families’ quality of life.

The mission of EURO-CIU is to increase access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through awareness and research.

To know more about us, our position and our activities, you can download the EURO-CIU Annual Report.

Annual Report

Since 2016, EURO-CIU compiles an Annual Report to show their activities, position to be held accountable, as the European Association who fights for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Cochlear Implants User’s interests.

The EURO-CIU Board have just reviewed the EURO-CIU 2019 Annual Report and now it is available for all of you to read on our website.

The report describes our major activities during 2019. Looking back at the big picture in this way, it is immediately apparent how active EURO-CIU has been, what we have achieved, and how much we have grown in recent times. The report serves as a nice souvenir for our members of the many events that we have all been involved with, in particular the wonderful Symposium in Poland. Looking towards the future, the report will help to raise EURO-CIU’s profile, make cochlear implant users more visible, open the doors to more collaborations, and enable us to secure more support from stakeholders, international hearing associations and politicians.

The Board

From left: Ervin Bonecz (Hungary) (Resignation June 2020) - Beatrice Cusmai (Italy) - Henri-Francois Baiverlin (Belgium) - Teresa Amat (Spain) - Robert Mandara (Finland)
From left: Ervin Bonecz (Hungary) (Resignation June 2020) - Beatrice Cusmai (Italy) - Henri-Francois Baiverlin (Belgium) - Teresa Amat (Spain) - Robert Mandara (Finland)

EURO-CIU had an election for President, 1st President and the Treasurer position. The election took place within the Annual General Meeting held on 27 April 2019 in Wrocław, Poland.  The new Committee is comprised of: 

For more information about the board members please click the names! More information about the members please click the bottom below: