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COVID-19 documentation 

This survey has been carried out on the situation of Cochlear Implantation in Europe due to COVID19 in the 3rd week of April 2020.

We have obtained 20 responses representing 18 countries. From Finland and Germany, 2 representatives responded.

The countries represented are: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Estonia, Finland, UK, Greece, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden.

Cochlear implant operations have been stopped in practically all countries because of the ceasing of elective surgeries. Only in the 2 countries (Denmark and Finland) report that cochlear implantation operations are believed to have continued. In Finland one of the representatives indicated yes and the other indicated no.

There have already been cases of cochlear implant users struggling to communicate with medical staff in quarantine situations due to a lack of awareness of cochlear implants. To facilitate accessibility and communication, EURO-CIU have prepared documents for a wide range of cochlear implant processors. We recommend that all cochlear implant users complete the appropriate form today, as a precaution in case they get hospitalised. Be prepared for any eventuality, not only now but in the years ahead too. Stay safe.

The current pandemic is already having a disproportionate impact on hearing-impaired persons with cochlear implants. They face: Disruption of essential services and support.
Higher risk of serious illness or death due to the greater presence of other health conditions.
Exclusion from important health information and mainstream health provision.
Living in an inaccessible world where barriers to goods and services are everywhere.

A fun and didactic tutorial by @COMBarcelona (Medical Association of Barcelona, Spain)