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EURO-CIU and over 200 politicians and organizations call on the Council to equal rights on Rail Passengers.

September 18, 2019 by Webmaster EURO-CIU

“My mother, who was totally blind and partially deaf, was not taken off the train when it arrived at its final destination. The train then pulled into the sidings and it was two hours before she was discovered, despite shouting. She never travelled by train again.“ David Adams.

Many people with hearing loss and disabilities stop travelling because they feel that their needs are not covered in the current system. For this reason, EURO-CIU has joined the letter. 10 members of the European Parliament and over 200 organisations that work in the fields of disability, hearing loss, rights of older people, environment and passenger rights published a joint letter to EU leaders calling on them to equal rights and to scrap pre-notification periods for assistance during train travel in the upcoming revision Rail Passenger Rights’ Regulation.
The revision of the Rail Passenger’s Rights regulation is an opportunity to change things in the right direction, by making assistance and accessibility available at any time. It happens that some EU Member States are unfortunately blocking this improvement.  The letter calls on them to support the proposal of the European Parliament.
That’s why signatories at the joint letter state: “The future is sustainable. The future is inclusive. Please don’t stand in the way of progress.”