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Sari Hirvonen-Skarbö, EURO-CIU Candidate for EDF Elections

Association: EURO-CIU European Association of
Cochlear Implant Users
Disability: Deaf person with a Cochlear Implant
Country: Finland

Personal presentation:
I was operated with my Cochlear Implant 15 years ago, when
I lost my hearing, the other I received 2 years ago, so I am
bilateral CI user. I had hearing aid since I was two years old.
My family consists of three boys and Norwegian husband.
My eldest son has Treacher-Collins syndrome and was born
without ears, now he wears bone anchored hearing devices.
I am fluent in English, Finish, Swedish, Norwegian & Danish.
I understand a bit of written French & German.

Motivation for a position:
• We must make women more participative and visible in all areas in life is paramount, so as a person with disability, deaf cochlear implant user myself I think we need more representation.
• I have learned very much working with EURO-CIU especially about Social Media, which I am now studying at Aalto Open University. We need to be more present and give visibility to disabilities in general.
• Importance for the dialog and co-operation among people with disabilities. If we fight between each other, it is difficult politicians take us seriously. That is why we need similar messages and walk together in the same direction.
• We need more awareness and knowledge about importance of CI and information of Spend2Save at Healtheconomics aspect. There are too many persons waiting for CI, or they have no knowledge about deafness. There are growing number of the elder persons in Europe with hearing loss.
• The big issue is working life; how young persons and people at working age with disabilities could cope at society.
• The accessibility Act should have been accepted as it was written by the EDF. We need to do more lobby, so the laws have a big scope that include disability perspectives.