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In a letter send to the European Parliament and Commission, EURO-CIU, the European Association of Cochlear Implant Users demanded the next European Elections 2019 to be #accessible to #PersonsWithDisabilities but specially with #HearingLoss. We need to #BreakCommunicationBarriers to be totally informed.

That means we need subtitles, captioning, speech-to-text services as well as loops. We cannot vote totally informed, if we cannot follow the news, the televised debate, political meetings or the videos on the political websites because they are not accessible. Nowadays, thanks to technology, this

is not that difficult, and it should a right and not a demand.

Candidates to become or be re-elected as Members of the European Parliament should think about us as possible voters that they can reach easily with just a command to  their publicists, adjusting their adverts to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We hope the next 2019 European Elections open a way for an accessible debate where no one, including persons with disabilities, is left behind.

3-10 December: European Disability and Development Week 2018 

This year's European Disability and Development Week will run from the 3rd to the 10th December. It will start with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3rd) and conclude a week later on Human Rights Day (December 10th).

The Week is organised by International Disability and Development Consortium. EDF will organise one event as part of the week.