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 6th International EURO-CIU Symposium, Nottingham 2007 (United Kingdom)

 Cochlear implantation: long-term issues – access and management

Cochlear implantation: access and reliability
Gerry O′Donoghue (UK)
Round Europe – access and issues
Sweden; Ann-Charlotte Gyllenram
France; Gilles Cognat
The Netherlands; Ruud van Hardeveld
Central & Eastern Europe; Monika Lehnhardt
Children: Long-term management and outcomes
Sue Archbold (UK)
Rehabilitation of cochlear implant users – what will change and what will remain in psycho- and social situation of users
Volker Kratzsch (Germany)
Young people: what are their issues?
Liz Beadle (UK)
Rebecca French (UK)
Sheena Parmar (UK)
Adults with cochlear implants: long-term support
Geoff Plant (USA)
Cochlear implantation: family and psycho-social issues
Lorraine Gailey (UK)
Current Research
Quentin Summerfield (UK)