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12th Symposium & 24th General Assembly EUROCIU 2019

The 12th International EURO-CIU 2019 Symposium is the most important European meeting of cochlear implants’ users, medical environment and the companies supporting people with hearing problems. This year it will take place in Wrocław, Poland on 25-27 April 2019. The main theme of the Symposium is “Needs of cochlear implant users in the modern world”. The Symposium will gather medical authorities, the representatives of institutions and media as well as patients and their families. We believe that the program, concerning both medical and social aspects of cochlear implants, will be an interesting combination of the most relevant issues connected to daily life of CI users.


Every two years EURO-CIU (the European Association of Cochlear Implant Users), which currently includes 24 countries and 32 associations, holds its Symposium in a different city, in coordination with the organization of one of the member associations.

The next 25-27 of April we’ll meet in Wrocław (Poland) where the friends of Stowarzyszenie Słyszeć bez Granic have prepared a complete program under the motto: "The needs Cochlear Implants Users in the modern world"

The program will have the latest medical, technological and rehabilitation news updated by expert surgeons, rehabilitators, psychologists, educators and other professionals who surround our field; without forgetting the true turning point: the users and how they work in the daily life, at work, leisure, culture or educational training.

Therefore, whether it is related to the professional or to the Cochlear Implant Users family, I invite you to join our discussion groups in different panels, conferences and talks and I suggest that you register for the Symposium for greater enrichment of all.

I'm counting on greeting you personally in Wrocław!

Teresa Amat (EURO-CIU President)