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Wrocław, Poland, becomes the European capital of hearing implantation  

On April on 25-27.04 all eyes of the #HearingLoss, #Hearing & #CochlearImplants put their attention in Wroclaw, Poland where an international was organized congress by the Polish association of people with the hearing implant "Hear without borders" and EURO-CIU ( European Association of Cochlear Implant Users ).

Representatives of 31 countries (over 200 people from all over the continent) participated in the XII EURO-CIU Symposium in Wrocław, including deaf people who hear through auditory implants, their families and employers, representatives of the World Health Organization, outstanding professors of medicine from Poland and Europe (m.in. Austria, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and Italy). Participants of the Symposium discussed the meaning of hearing implants - electronic hearing prostheses of the only sense that humanity invented, thanks to which deaf people do not have to learn sign language, children do not have to study in special schools and adults can easily do the dream job.

EURO-CIU supports the fight of the Association Hear Without Borders, the polish organizator, who has been acting on behalf of patients with an auditory implant since its inception, operates on a national scale and in a consistent and long-lasting way educates the public about the treatment options for deafness and hearing loss and fights for systemic changes and real impact, among others on the issue of legislation in Poland regarding implants. The Association is struggling to provide every implanted patient regular replacement of the external part of the auditory implant (sound processor), which in Poland is 100% reimbursed by the NFZ.

Why is it so important? The use of sound processors that are older and have several years, in practice for patients in their everyday life means worse hearing quality and the inability to use the latest available technologies that significantly improve the quality of hearing. The sound processor, like any electronic device, wears out after some time of its daily use and requires regular replacement. A senior sound processor also includes emerging health problems, such as recurrent severe headaches, difficulties in communicating with the environment, and inability to continue studying or working. For children, it means stopping development.

EURO-CIU is a non-govermental and non-profit association which was established in Luxembourg in 1995; consist of 32 national member associations from 24 European countries and represents more than 220.000 cochlear implant users across Europe. 

To know more about it, follow #EUROCIU19 Symposium or visit: www.eurociu.eu   or our polish member http://slyszecbezgranic.pl/