Newsletter June 2021

Newsletter June 2021
Newsletter June 2021


These past months, COVID pandemic has extenuated our lives, but EURO-CIU tasks have continued and we can say we have been present in several online events, reclaiming our rights and making cochlear implants’ voice heard.

Advocacy work has continued firm and clear with participations in MOSAICS, CIICA, EDF, World Hearing Forum or confirming the next e-moji which will represent cochlear implant users really soon.
We are getting glimpses of a lot of virtual and onsite congresses and events and soon we will be able to have new data from and for all EURO-CIU members.

Before I wish you a happy holiday to all of you and your families, remember that next Annual General Assembly we have elections for 2 different positions: Secretary and vice-president.

I encourage all of you to present your candidatures because change comes from within and from proposals we need to commit to carry out. All of us must engage to advance and give EURO-CIU visibility and raise awareness to reach the maximum European administrations and political establishments. Take care and enjoy the well-deserved holiday!

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Published: 2021-06-30
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