EURO-CIU Newsletter December 2021

EURO-CIU Newsletter December 2021
EURO-CIU Newsletter December 2021

Message from the President

I’m writing these lines on a plane during one of my few trips “after the pandemic” (if we can affirm it’s under control), and I realize how much I miss these face-to-face meetings, the exchange of views between EURO-CIU members that enrich our associative movement so much.

Sad feelings come over me for not being able to celebrate EURO-CIU’s 25th anniversary as planned. But we haven’t been inactive, if anything we have used our synergies to bring together projects we had in mind and that made us check documentation and share it together, as we prepared along with CIICA a brochure about dementia and cochlear implants, which will be made available to everyone for its translation and distribution.

We must remind that making WHO’s “Hearing Report” available for everyone allows our members to inform about cochlear implant with reliable information ready to be used by governments from each one of our countries.

Our MOSAICS project continued its course and we’re already present in European and global areas that confirm our visibility and our friends on this journey.

Hearing provided by cochlear implants is no longer questioned in any area and it’s time for governments to invest in connectivity and technology that can enhance the value of the device.

We’re aware of the challenges posed by opaque masks, endless videoconferences, subtitles and captions almost impossible to read or follow, remote meetings, overwhelmed teachers and inexistent family and work reconciliation. Despite all this, we see how users figure out innovative solutions and professionals keep defending their ideas to thrive in these times.

That’s why I encourage you to stay tuned for upcoming updates we’re preparing for our next online Annual General Assembly early next year and the symposium our Dutch and Belgian friends are preparing in Rotterdam. Once again, we’ll be able to vibrate together as we feel a contagious feeling of excitement and illusion from each and every one of us.

Happy holidays and happy new year. Take care!

Teresa Amat (President)

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Published: 2021-12-21
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