Newsletter December 2022

Newsletter December 2022
Newsletter December 2022

Merry ChristmasAnother year is over, and it has been intense.  EURO-CIU, as you well know, has been influencing and lobbying at the WHO or the European Parliament, and continuing as founding members of the World Hearing Forum.  The Board has held several meetings a year, as well as representing Cochlear Implant Users at several events in Brussels, getting media coverage and being invited to an online event at the European Parliament on World Hearing Day.  Several of you have helped us make our campaigns more visible in social media with photos or videos; trying to improve the visibility of cochlear implants and hearing loss throughout Europe.

The Board is very proud of our @OPCI member as well as collaboration with @ONICI, they reached for the stars with an amazing Rotterdam Symposium.

Communication accessibility is always a must in our events, but sometimes it is difficult to accomplish.  This time, in Rotterdam, all participants gave an “excellence in quality” to the organizers thanks to the great advancements in technology that allowed to translate in several languages in 4 screens as well as having other languages at the users’ disposal thanks to their phones with QR Access.  During the Symposium there was a “Silence room” for anybody who had Hearing Burnout provoked by a full stress Schedule of “active hearing”.  This was well received as well.  You will be able to find all the presentations to download from our website.

To end this introduction of the newsletter, can I just say, I am really hopeful of EURO-CIU’s future after Rotterdam.  We got a new Secretary from Belgium for our Board as you can see in his photo, and in the articles below you will learn more about the work we have going on.  Remember to share your studies, research, projects with us and have an amazing holiday.  Thinking about all of you and warming up for 2023 with more ideas!

Teresa Amat, President EURO-CIU

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Version: December 2022
Published: 2022-12-13
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