Newsletter December 2023

Newsletter December 2023
Newsletter December 2023

Photography Robert Mandara - 1st Vice PresidentIt is my pleasure to introduce myself as EURO-CIU’s new President following the elections at our Workshop & General Assembly in Valencia. It was great to see so many of our members there, including so many confident and inspiring young adult CI users.

Tobias Fischer (1st Vice President) and Anamaria Brașov (Treasurer) were also elected. You can read short biographies of all board members in this newsletter. I am delighted with the line-up of the board and that it is truly international. The refreshed board brings new energy to improve the respectability and visibility of EURO-CIU, so that we can have more collective influence.

Before we can press on with new projects, we must attend to some important housekeeping duties. EURO-CIU is registered in Luxembourg where the rules have recently changed and must be complied with.

We are all volunteers, so please support and energise us so that we can support and energise you; praise is more welcome, effective and motivating than criticism or manipulation.

There are currently around 500,000 cochlear implants in use in Europe. While this is impressive, we are still a very long way from a CI utopia, where everyone has access to implants together with top-notch lifelong support. I hope that we will see advances in Awareness, Access and Lifelong care during my presidency. CI users, existing and future, are front and centre to all we do.

We aim to improve our communication in all areas, particularly because we recognise that people get CI because they value good communication.

In this newsletter you can read preliminary information about our next Symposium & General Assembly in Vienna 4th-5th April 2024, and the EURO-CIU Summer Camp 20th-27th July 2024. Save the dates! More information will follow soon.

The board would like to wish all of our readers and members a wonderful and peaceful Christmas season.

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Published: 2024-02-06
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