Newsletter June 2023

Newsletter June 2023
Newsletter June 2023

Photo President Teresa Amat It is exciting to see the tasks that our member associations are carrying out, and being able to share these synergies “in person” is the aim that we have set ourselves for the Valencia Workshop: Building bridges of communication.

We also want to learn from each other in order to enrich ourselves and raise awareness of how cochlear implants can change the lives of people of different ages.

The only way this can be accomplished is working on sharing realistic, updated and safe information. We must not forget the political impact that should govern the steps of leaders who must not forget the health of their citizens, as hearing care, prevention and aid must play a part in public policies.

In the last European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities which you can read about below, you will see how EURO-CIU keeps making Cochlear Implant Users visible and includes them on the Disability fight for a better quality of life at all ages and policy support from our administrations. In ESPCI we saw how the world of hearing loss is changing at a fast pace, starting to implant babies at 6-7 month of age.

Our technology is evolving.

Our “hearing” and their “listening” must evolve as well.

Teresa Amat, President EURO-CIU

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Version: June 2023
Published: 2023-06-16
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