Newsletter March 2023

Newsletter March 2023
Newsletter March 2023

President: Teresa Amat (Spain)Seeing so many countries involved in the celebration of the “International Cochlear Implant Day” and how we are moving forward together working to find measures to prevent hearing loss around the world should makes us proud.  It also encourages us to continue in this line to achieve our objectives of visibility of involvement of youth and elderly (as we can see in the videos) finding the complicity of Governments so that health policies take us into account and see that untreated hearing loss is counterproductive not only for the health economy but for the economy in general.

We are also proud to belong to the group that works with the Task Force preparing guides for improvement in the different fields related to cochlear implants, from access to programming, rehabilitation, without forgetting maintenance and updates, apart from connectivity.

That professionals do not give up in their objective of researching and making news and studies known, and we also bring the articles below in our newsletter to share them with the entire community.

All good news paving the way for moving forward and leaving no one behind because of severe-profound hearing loss.

Teresa Amat (President)

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Version: March 2023
Published: 2023-03-28
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