Newsletter March 2024

Newsletter March 2024
Newsletter March 2024

Photos President EURO-CIUPost-pandemic, the number of face-to-face cochlear implant events is steadily increasing.

In February, EURO-CIU were very well represented at CI2024 in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria. You can read more about it in this newsletter as well as the other events mentioned below.

We hope to see you at EURO-CIU’s 14th Symposium Steps on the way to hearing with cochlear implants in Vienna on 4th – 5th April, and General Assembly (members only) on 6th April. To ensure quorum, I would like to remind non-attending members to kindly complete a procuration to an attending member.

I will be representing EURO-CIU at Stichting Plots & Laat Doven’s International congress 2024 ‘Let’s Connect 2 congress on March 22nd-24th in The Netherlands, and CIICA’s CI Advocacy In Action: First Global Conference May 9th-10th in Belgium.

EURO-CIU Summer camp 2024 will be held in July in Czech Republic. If you are going to, please register very soon, as there are a limited number of spaces remaining.

I wish you all a nice springtime, and hope to meet and exchange ideas with you at the above events.

Robert Mandara (President)

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