Patient Letter Voluntary Field Corrective Action

Patient Letter Voluntary Field Corrective Action

Dear Oticon Medical Cochlear Implant Recipient
First, we want to thank you for choosing Oticon Medical. Empowering you, or your child, to hear is the
cornerstone of what we do, and we want to assure you that safety, product quality, hearing outcomes and
lifelong support are our highest priorities.
You may recently have learned that Oticon Medical has made a voluntary recall of one of our implants – the
Neuro Zti cochlear implant. This recall is only for unimplanted Neuro Zti devices and does not affect the
Digisonic implants. The purpose of this letter is firstly, to assure you that you, or your child, can continue
to safely hear and use your Neuro Cochlear Implant System.

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