10th International Symposium EUROCIU, Antwerp 2015 (Belgium)

Antwerp images
Antwerp images


Quality of life of CI-users in Europe
Sue Archbold (UK)
When Hearing Aid – when Cochlear Impant?
Frans Coninx (Germany)
Parent-child interactive book reading in children with hearing loss
Evelien Dirks & Loes Wauters (the Netherlands)
How to support young adult CI-users to the workplace?
Inge Doorn (the Netherlands)
Chances/strengths, constraints and weaknesses of NGOs related to CI users – Personal Reflection on 20 Years Experience.
Hendrik Fehr (Germany)
Participation in the 21st century: Chances and challenges for deaf students with cochlear implants.
Harry Knoors (the Netherlands)
Cochlear Implants and brain development
Peter Baumhoff (Germany)
CI- 30 years of steady progress and continuous change
Monika Lehnhardt (Germany)
Listening for Literacy: Learning to Read and Write a Cochlear Implant
Connie Mayer (Canada)
Understanding others emotions: empathy in deaf or hard of hearing (pre)adolescents
Anouk Netten (the Netherlands)
Rehabilitation options throughout the day for adults and teenagers
Clare Sheridan (UK)
Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking-Development of Theory of Mind in Deaf or Hearing Impaired Children
Donna Sperandio (Austria)
Spatial hearing improvement and long-term suppressive effect on tinnitus after cochlear implantation in single-sided-deaf patients.
Vincent Van Rompay (Belgium)
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