Pieter Bolle (Belgium), Secretary

Secretary EUROCIU41 years old, is father of three boys: Wouter (13y), Mathijs (12y) and Thomas (8y). Mathijs was born profoundly deaf on one side and hard of hearing on the other side.

He was implanted at young age (7m). He received a second cochlear implant at 2 years because his hearing degraded and a hearing aid was no longer sufficient.

Pieter joined the local association VLOK-CI (Vlaamse Ouders van Kinderen met een Cochleair Inplant – Flemish Parents of Children with a cochlear implant) in 2012 and he became a member of the board in 2015.

In his professional live he is Inspector-General at the Health and Safety Executive of the Belgian Government. His mantra: everyone has the right to hear!

Contact: pieterbolle@gmail.com


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