2nd International Symposium EUROCIU. Salzburg 1999 (Austria)

Salzburgo images
Salzburgo images

Cochlear Implant and School Enviroment

Prof. Marckgott, Linz
Cochlear implanted children in Austrian schools
Cochlear implanted pupils: pedagogic aspecs
Mag. Katharina Strohmayer, Vienna/Dr. Maria Huber, Salzburg
Cochlear implanted pupils: psycho-social aspects
Gilles Cognat, France
CI and school: The situation in France
Dr. Joanna Przybylska (with Prof. W. Szyfter), Poland
Educational perspectives for children with multi-channel CI devices in Poland
Sue Archbold, United Kingdom
Pedagogic results of cochlear implantation
Dr. J. Prihodova (with Eva Vymlatilova, Ph. D.) Czech Republic
Children with CI and educational conditions: 5 years experiences in the Czech Republic
Christiane Hartmann-Börner, Germany
On the schooling and special needs of children and adolescents with a cochlear implant in Germany
Ann-Charlotte Gyllenram, Swden
CI and schooling: The situation in Sweden from the parents ponit of view
Betty Maas-van de Wiel, The Netherlands
CI and schooling: The situation in The Netherlands
Mª Teresa Amat, Spain
CI in schooling environment in Spain
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