Hearing Care, cognitive decline and dementia: A public health challenge, or an opportunity for healthy ageing?

As the ageing population grows, the numbers of those with hearing loss, cognitive decline and dementia are increasing across the world, leading to urgent public health and social issues.  (Kingston et al 2018).

  • Over 466 million adults experience
    disabling hearing loss and this number
    is rising, with a cost globally of $750 billion per annum.
    (World Health Organization 2016a)
  • Over 50 million people above 65 years of age have been
    diagnosed with dementia, and that number is expected to triple by
    2050 due to the rising number of older people. The cost of caring
    for those with dementia in 2015 was approximately $820 billion,
    and 85% of those costs were related to family and social costs.
    (Livingston et al 2017, World Alzheimer Report 2016)

The Dementia Brochure
Size: 520Kb
Version: April 2019

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