9th International Symposium EUROCIU, Istanbul 2013 (Turkey)

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Kayit ve Açiliş / Registration and Opening Ceremony
Cochlear Implantation in Turkey
Mustafa Koyuncu. Cochlear Implant Association president
Protocol Speech
Dr. Aylin Çifçi. Ministry of Family and social Policies, General Directorate of Disabled and Elderly People’s Services
Inclusion: a real challenge for young CI users
Gilles Cognat. President of EUROCIU
Audiological Follow-up and problem Salving Strategies
Prof. Dr. Gonca Sennaroğlu. Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciencies Audiology Program
Intergrating to Mainstream Classes. Do We Integrate o Isolate
Doç. Dr. Esra Yücel. Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciencies Audiology Program
Surgery of Cochlear Implant and New Approaches
Prof. Armağan Incesulu. Eskişehir Osmangazi Medical School ENT Departament
National Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
Doç. Dr. Hayriye Karabulut. Ministry of Health National Public Health Institute
Speeches and Shows of CI Users
Cochlear Implant Fiting and Results in Specific Cases
Doç. Dr. Ahmet Ataş. Istanbul University Faculty of Health Sciencies Audiology Program
Challenges and Chances in Rehabilitation of Early Implanted Children
Dr. EΒr Leyding. Germany
Education and Rehabilitation of Uni- and Bilateral Implanted Deaf Children in Flanders
Leo de Raeve. Belgium
Listening and Thinking: Helping Your Child Link Ears to Brain
Elizabeth Tyskiewicz. England
Boss Your Brain Strategies for Students with Cochlear Implants
Amy Mc Conkey Robbins. Indianapolis, USA
The Role of the Implant Centre in short and long term Rehabilitation of Children
John Briggs. Senior Audiologist. England
EUROCIU Speeches on behalt of the member States:
International Friendship Week: integrating Rehabilitation in a Social Context
Lorna Lord. The Ear Foundation, Nottingham (England)
Accesible Culture: Inside and Outside the Classroom
Mª Teresa Amat. Federacion AICE (Spain)
Project CI su – Empowering the CI-Children in Finland
Marianne Rintala, Project Coordinator LapCI (Finland)
Educational Mission of iÇEM in Young Children with CI
Assoc. Prof. Zerrin Turan Anadolu. Üniversity Eskişehir Turkey
Kapaniş / Closing Ceremony
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