Robert Mandara (Finland) – President

Photography Robert Mandara - 1st Vice President

I was born deaf in London and wore hearing aids from 4 years old. Many family members suffer deafness, including one of my sons. Following a mainstream education and apprenticeship, I graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. After working in engineering roles, I moved to Finland in 1996 and switched to technical writing for several global companies.

I received my cochlear implants in 2014 and 2016. Implants have transformed my life and now I want to help others to enjoy the benefits of the technology. My goals are to improve access to cochlear implants and to secure lifelong support for those who have them.

I am on the board of CITO in Finland and active in its lobbying group. I also volunteer at the European Friendship Week which is sponsored by EURO-CIU.

Hobbies: playing piano, ballroom dancing, ABBA, photography, 3D printing and badminton.


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