Project Mosaics
Project Mosaics

The MOSAICS European Industrial Doctorate project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation, that will train future experts and leaders in auditory implants to achieve minimized outcome spread and maximized participation in society (Grant agreement No860718).

The program is led by Cochlear Ltd and the Radboud Medical Centre in the Netherlands. EURO-CIU is a supporting partner.

Four Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will be part of a multidisciplinary training programme, learning from the industrial excellence of a global hearing implant manufacturer and from the outstanding research expertise of the leaders in the field of hearing research. The specific objectives of MOSAICS are to:

  • To investigate the “body functions” by evaluating the neuronal activity following sound and speech stimuli at the level of the cochlea, the brain stem, and the cortex, using biophysics methods.
  • To adopt an engineering approach and the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) to explore “environmental factors”, obtaining insight into the fitting issues related to outcome spread.
  • To address the cognition (brain) effects on process-related outcome measures in relation to CI performance.
  • To evaluate the societal benefits of CI-specific rehabilitation programmes and recipients’ social support

EURO-CIU will participate in network-wide training activities and guide the research training program as a member of the supervisory board. The ESRs are expected to present their findings in a future EURO-CIU Symposium.
For more information about the project: Project-Mosaics

Meet the ESRs: Enrico Migliorini. June 10, 2021
Meet the ESRs: Nikki Tromp. May 17, 2021
Meet the ESRs: Loes Beckers. April 9, 2021
Meet the ESRs: Ignacio Calderon de Palma. March 5, 2021
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