5th International Symposium EUROCIU, Antalya 2005 (Turkey)

Antalya images
Antalya images

Relationship between CI associations (NGOs) and medical and therapeutical teams.. Independence and partnership?

10 Years European Cochlear Implant Ussers Association (EURO-CIU)
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Fehr EURO-CIU President
Cochlear Implantation: Medical and Surgical Aspects
M.D. Armağan Incesulu
Cochlear Implant Rehabiltasyon in Turkey
Ph. D. Esra Yücel, Educacional Audiologist
Deustche Cochlear Implant Gesellschaft (DCIG)
Ute Jung, DCIG Vice President (Germany)
Relationship Between Associative and Medical Word Independence and Partnership
Gilles Cognat, Cochlear Rhône Alpes (France). Vice President EURO-CIU
Sdružení Uživatelů Kochleárního Implantátu (SUKI)
Karel Pokorny and Jarmila Radova (Czech Republic)
Asociación de Implantados Cocleares de España (AICE)
Joan Zamora, Presidente de AICE (España)
National Cochlear Implant Users Association (NCIUA)
Alison Heath, President (United Kingdom)
Med-el Medical Elektronik, Med-el Pulsar CI100+Cochlear System-A sound Choice
Julie Koşaner, Pediatric Clinical Specialist
Cochlear-Nucleus. Todays Tecnology in Cochlear Implant
Frank Koall, Area Manager Europe
Advanced Bionics. Cochlear Implant Tecnologie
Yeni Geliş and Mary Jo Osberger
Forum Discussion with following participants
Member of the EURO-CIU board Presicence of the discussion
Representative from the medical part
Representative from the therapeutical part
Representative of adult Cochlear Implant User
Representative of parents of children Cochlear Implant User
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