7th International Symposium EUROCIU, Zaragoza 2009 (Spain)

Zaragoza images
Zaragoza images


M.D. Héctor Vallés.
Director of the Cochlear Implant Program of the Teaching Hospital “Lozano Blesa” of Saragossa
Keynote Speech: Prof. Graeme Clark (Australia), Professor University of Melbourne.
Past and Future of Cochlear Implants
Nadine Cochard (France), Chairwoman of GEORRIC, Group of Studies on Optimization of Rehabilitation and adjustment Cochlear Implant.
Programming of Cochlear Implants
Leo de Raeve (Belgium), Psychologist at Royal Institute of Deaf Children and Coordinator of Implant Cochlear Team in Zonhoven.
Cochlear Implants and Adults
Sue Archbold (United Kingdom), Teacher of the Deaf and Chief Executive of The Ear Foundation, Nottingham.
Rehabilitation of Children
Round Table Discussion Users
Conchi de la Fuente (Spain) Bi-Lateral CI User. Graduated from the University Medical. Use of technical aids adapted to the Cochlear Implant.
Alejandro Salvador (Spain) Teacher and writer, parent of a Bi-Lateral CI child Should we use FM or not.
Ruud van Hardeveld (Netherlands) Cochlear Implant user, Secretary of EURO-CIU. Information on Cochlear Implant in Europe.
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