Beatrice Cusmai (Italy), 2nd Vice President

Beatrice Cusmai (Italy) – Secretary

I am the 2nd Vice President of EURO-CIU. I was born in Milano in 1972, where I graduated in Languages and communication and worked in PR agencies and one magazine.

Then I worked as Public Relations Officer at Yamaha Motor Italy. After the premature birth of my twins, I switched to digital PR, and have stayed in the field of communication. In 2022 I moved to Spain with my 15 year old daughters, both of whom have hearing impairment due to premature birth. Sofia wears hearing aids, whereas Vittoria received her first CI 4 years ago and her second in 2021.

Thanks to her bilateral hearing she is able to attend a bilingual college (Spanish and English) in Spain and achieves excellent results.

I am Vice President of the Italian Association AGUAV, the association supporting Varese Hospital Audiology, famous for its innovative rehabilitation methodology.

Together with the new board members, I would like to create a stronger relationship among European Associations and their young adult members who will hopefully advocate for themselves in the future.


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