Fernando Giménez (Spain), Website Editor

Photography Fernando Giménez (Spain), Website EditorI am Federación AICE’s Secretary (Spanish Cochlear Implant Users Federation) since 2001 and EURO-CIU webmaster advisor since 2002.

I am the founder and actual president of the regional Association of Cochlear Implant Users of Aragón (AICE-Aragón), which is member of the Federación AICE since 2006.

I have been participating in disability, deafness and voluntary related associations for more than 30 years:

1997 to 2004 Secretary at Association of deaf Parents and children in Zaragoza
2013 to 2017 President of Volunteers Coordinator of Aragon, coordinating 83 volunteers associations. After 4 years being president, now I am the secretary.
2014-2017 President Aragon 3rd Sector Platform.

After 40 years as an Electrical Maintenance of Industrial Machinery Officer in an automobile factory, I am currently in early retirement .

Hobbies: reading, photography and volunteer

Contact: webmaster@eurociu.eu

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