Ervin Bonecz (Hungary) 2nd Vice President (resignation in June 2020)

Ervin Bonecz (Hungary)- 2nd Vice President. ((Resignation June 2020)

I graduated as Arts Manager at the University of Szeged, then I attended Social Innovation and Management postgraduate course at the University of Economics and Businesses in Vienna, Austria.

I used to work for the British Council for 6 years, then I became general manager of one of the leading symphony orchestra in Hungary.

In 2010 I founded a social enterprise which provide high-profile free accessibility in theaters and cinemas for blind, hard of hearing and deaf audience in Hungary. I works as audio-describers as well, I made live audio description more then 50 various plays and movies. My organization was nominated to the Vienna based ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration in 2013.

I am member of the Hungarian Cochlear Implant Association (MACIE) and member of the Hungarian Theater Association (MTT).

My hobby is the running, bicycle and and sea kayak.


Note: Vacancy due to resignation in June 2020 until the next elections.

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