Hearing Round Table.

Hearing Round Table
Hearing Round Table

This invitation for a roundtable that HEARRiNG has organized on the World Report on Hearing.
One of the presenters will be prof dr. Shelly Chadha from WHO. Within the panel there will be a multitude of ENT specialists and audiologists from different regions across the globe.
The roundtable will take place online on the 6th of May at 15:00 CET.
The discussion will be introduced by the chairman, Prof. Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner and moderated by Prof. Javier Gavilán.
The panel will include Prof. Gunesh Rajan, Prof. Ranjith Rajeswaran and Prof. Mario Zernotti as well as two special guests, Prof. Suela Sallavacci and Prof. Hamid Benghalem.
The speakers will examine the following topics:
• how to integrate ear and hearing care into the national health plans
• how to motivate the health care systems to increase the budgets for implantable treatment options
• how to expand indication criteria and population groups
• how to improve hearing screening, especially with adults
To join in at the time of the event please follow the Zoom link you can find here:

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