Am I a person with a disability or with diverse abilities?

Campaign of the European Youth Parliament and Federación AICE
International Day of People with Disabilities – 3 of December 2020

On December 3rd to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities, the Federation of Associations of Cochlear Implants Users of Spain, Federación AICE joined the European Parliament of Youth Spain and invited EURO-CIU as well, to launch a video showing several young people with cochlear implants, from different countries and with different professions that throw us the question: Am I a person with a disability or with diverse abilities? This video makes them visible, puts them at the centre, normalizing their lives, their virtues.

This year, the COVID situation has left people with disabilities isolated and with lack of communication, especially in the case of deaf people #CochlearImplantUsers  #ImplanteCoclear, since masks have been a great barrier for communication. Due to all of this, we collaborated to highlight the different capacities in accessible online format with subtitles in Spanish and English to launch the campaign: “LISTEN TO THE DIFFERENCE, IMPLANT THE EQUALITY”. Tell your story and explain your Capacity. Involve all society, since equality, tolerance and respect are everyone’s business.

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