International Cochlear Implant Day 2024

#CochlearImplantday 25-February Cochlear Implant Day. We are united by a passion to hear
International Cochlear Implant Day, 25th February and World Hearing Day, 3rd March. We are united by a Passion to Hear. #CochlearImplantday

CI Voices 2024

Advocating for Awareness, Access, Rehabilitation, and Lifelong Care

[Luxembourg, 25th February 2024] – February 25th marks International Cochlear Implant Day, commemorating the groundbreaking surgery performed on this day in 1957 that paved the way for the development of cochlear implant technology. Celebrating its 67th anniversary, this day serves as a global reminder of the transformative power of cochlear implants in restoring hearing and enhancing lives.
Cochlear implants hold immense potential for those with hearing loss, offering a gateway to a world of sound previously inaccessible. As we honor this milestone, EURO-CIU, the European Association of Cochlear Implant Users, is spearheading awareness-raising events across Europe under the international motto: “We are united by a passion to hear” With over 500,000 cochlear implant recipients in Europe alone, it’s crucial to address key areas of concern: awareness, access, rehabilitation, and lifelong care.
Awareness: Many individuals remain unaware of the benefits of cochlear implants and their eligibility for this life-changing technology. As advocates, we strive to disseminate accurate information and dispel misconceptions surrounding cochlear implants, ensuring that potential candidates and the general public are informed about their options for improved hearing.
Access: Access to cochlear implants should be universal and equitable. Regardless of age, individuals in need should have access to bilateral cochlear implants free of charge. It’s imperative to eliminate barriers to access, ensuring that every eligible candidate can benefit from this transformative technology.
Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation and ongoing support are vital components of the cochlear implant journey. Recipients require regular fine-tuning and assistance to maximize the benefits of their implants. Settling for anything less than optimal outcomes is simply unacceptable—we advocate for comprehensive rehabilitation services to empower recipients on their path to hearing success.
Lifelong Care: Technology evolves rapidly, including cochlear implant processor technology. To ensure optimal performance and outcomes, it’s essential for cochlear implant users to have timely.

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