Oticon Medical initiated a voluntary field corrective action on Thursday October 14th.

I attach Oticon Medical letter to clinicians and to patients here.

As you can see from the customer letter (to clinicians), Oticon have very good reliability data on the Neuro System but have lately seen an increasing trend of early failures (lack of communication between implant and sound processor). Investigations have shown this is related to loss of hermeticity. As product reliability and patient outcomes are of utmost importance to Oticon Medical, have decided to act promptly despite the low prevalence number, and have therefore initiated the voluntary field corrective action.

It is important to state that there are no safety concerns for current recipients implanted with the affected implants. Most Neuro Zti recipients are not likely to experience the problem as the prevalence of the problem is very low.

They  have also published attached letters on their website(s) with translations into all languages where they are active:
EURO-CIU is happy we are being informed and that they are working on solventing this problem.

The Board and Oticon are at your disposal should you have more questions.

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