September 2023. EURO-CIU newsletter published

Brian Archbold (UK). EURO-CIU Newsletter EditorI understand that, meteorologically, it’s now Autumn – so I hope that you’ve all had a good summer!

Many thanks for your contributions – it’s good to hear from you all.  We are also grateful to the cochlear implant companies for keeping us up to date.

As always, there are a lot of articles and photographs in this edition.

Please feel free to forward this Newsletter to Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, friends, colleagues and members of your own organisations.  We are keen to increase the number of people who can read about the benefits of cochlear implantation.  Let’s get the message across!  If anyone you know would like to receive their own copy of this newsletter, just send me their email address.

The next edition will be due in December, so please let me have your articles and jpg photos by Monday 4 December 2023.  Just e-mail them to me at

It just leaves me to wish you good health.

Brian Archbold (Editor)

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