Videos from the Virtual Lunch Debate at the European Parliament – Thursday the 3rd of March 2022

Virtual Lunch Debate: "To Hear for Life, Listen Witch Care!
Virtual Lunch Debate: “To Hear for Life, Listen Witch Care!

It is a yearly tradition that the joined European associations of Hard of Hearing People, Hearing Aid Professionals and Hearing Aid Manufacturers in strong cooperation with the World Health Organisation, organise a Lunch Debate in the European Parliament in Brussels, in order to celebrate “World Hearing Day”. This year the theme was “To hear for life, listen with care!”

Video 01 – ”Welcome & Introduction – MEP Alex Agius Saliba (Malta, S&D)

Video 02 – The WHO introduction on “To hear for life, listen with care” – Shelly Chadha WHO

Video 03 – The “Make Listening Safe” workgroup and the “WHO Global Standard for Safe Listening Entertainment Venues” – Mark Laureyns – AEA

Video 04 – Why hard of hearing people care for safe listening – Lidia Best– EFHOH

Video 05 – Why and how the organisation of Cochlear Implant users, started a program of Young Ambassadors going to schools to promote safe listening – Laia Zamora – EURO-CIU

Video 06 – “The importance of Adult Hearing Screening” – Patrick D’Haese – Hear-it

Video 07 – “The importance of Access to Ear and Hearing Care in Europe” – Satish Mishra – WHO-Europe

Full Lunch Debate including the Debate and Conclusions
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