Wold Hearing Day, March 3, Virtual Lunch Debate: “HEARING CARE FOR ALL” 

  • Welcome & Introduction, MEP Alex Agius Saliba (Malta, S1D)
  • HEARING CARE FOR ALL World Report on Hearing, Shelly Chadha WHO
  • Access to Hearing Caring during COVID-19, Morten Buan – EFHOH
  • User experiences with Cochlear Impants, EURO-CIU CI users
  • The use of hearing aids and Cochlear implants: are we fulfilling the need?, Patrick D’Haese – Hear-it
  • Hearing screening and hearing care for young active people with hearing loss – studies and new findings, Mark Laureyns – AEA
  • Debate – All
  • Conclusion

March 3, 2021 at 12:30 p.m., Brussels (GMT+1)

Virtual Lunch Debate European Parliament

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